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Cash Seizure - Holiday Money

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Mr. Z was a Portuguese lawyer and had cause to visit the UK for a conference. He had also brought his wife with him to spend time holidaying while he was working. Mr Z had on his person approximately €100,000 his wife hoped to spend buying furniture and antiques.

On entry to the United Kingdom, he was searched by customs officers and his money was seized. He instructed us to make representations on his behalf and to arrange the return of the money. This case was slightly more complicated in that we had to obtain Portuguese banking records, documentation and statements from witnesses in Portugal and Switzerland.

The HMRC had applied to detain the monies before the local magistrate's court, and they had managed to extend the period of detention so that they could further investigate the matter. On receipt of our pack of evidence, they conceded that their suspicions were unfounded and Mr Z's money was returned.

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