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R v. A - Grimsby Crown Court [2016]

Mr A was a naive young gentleman who was persuaded by some of his more sophisticated and colourful friends to hide a bag of Class A drugs worth approximately £12000 and cash of £3000 in his bedroom for a short time. Mr A stupidly agreed and held those items for his friends. The police attended his home address in relation to a completely unrelated matter. There had been no intelligence on Mr A as he had no previous convictions and was never any sort of concern to the authorities. This was the reason why he was singled out to hold the Class A drugs and cash. On discovering the cash and drugs in his bedroom cupboard, Mr A was arrested and in interview he gave an explanation that he had found the drugs his backstreet and the cash had been lawfully earned, then placed with the drugs for safe keeping! We had not been present in the initial interview.

Mr A continued to deny the matters and he lost confidence in his existing legal representatives. We were instructed and although not guilty pleas had been tendered. We negotiated a change of plea and a basis of please which was acceptable to the Crown on the day of trial. This resulted in our client receiving a suspended sentence and a community service order.

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