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Money laundering proceeds of fraud through cash and properties and companies.

R v T - Manchester Crown Court.

An allegation that T had been laundering the proceeds of his criminal activities (illegal immigration) through the acquisition of properties involving members of his family, cash through a takeaway business and cheques through a third party account.


R v S - Leeds Crown Court.

Our client a GP, had maintained that she had been appointed in the capacity as a figurehead director in relation a company and as a company secretary (in name only), in relation to another company used to lauder money. She had been appointed by her husband. She was also a shareholder in a number of other companies, but did not take out any financial interest  or benefit and neither did she actively participate in the management, responsibilities and duties of any of the companies concerned. However, because she had been involved in the opening of a number of bank accounts that had been used by the defendant, the prosecution alleged that she had foreknowledge of the conspiracy to launder money.


Money Laundering by solicitor - conveyancing transaction.

R v WR - Solicitor

A conveyancing solicitor from the West Midlands accused of money-laundering in the course of a property transaction. Our client entered not guilty pleas and was acquitted after trial.


Money Laundering by solicitor - payment of fees.

R v F

A solicitor from the North of England accused of money laundering after receiving the payment of legal fees. Matter discontinued by the prosecution after legal argument.


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