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We are able to offer UK citizens abroad our advice, expertise, and support about any criminal issue or allegation of misconduct that might affect them.

We are able to attend, in person, if needed, or can appoint a local agent to act in our client's best interests. We have represented clients and their families alleged to have been engaged in criminal misconduct overseas.



Assisted our client, a US citizen, to pursue civil recovery proceedings against an individual who had defrauded her out of $3 million.

Assisted a client to pursue civil recovery against a company who had defrauded our client about the supply of telephone minutes.


Assisted our client who had a business headquartered in the UAE, who had been cheated by a UK-based company in the provision of telephone minutes. We pursued the UK company and its directors for civil recovery in the UK High Court.


Conducting and leading corporate investigations into fraud perpetrated by directors, managers, and employees. Investigating whether customers were a party to that fraud. Reporting back to the Board with our findings.

Assisted a German client to liquidate a UK based company. UK director had been embezzling funds of more than £1 million.

Assisted an Austrian client in High Court proceedings, where the authorities were alleging that a piece of land should be confiscated because it belonged to his brother. We successfully argued that it belonged to our Austrian client and the High Court agreed.

We negotiated the return of our client, subject to a warrant, who was working as a dentist in Estonia.

We assisted our client in extradition proceedings to Poland.

We helped our client detained in Cyprus after an allegation of assault had been made, while he was on holiday.

We helped our client for drink driving while on holiday.

Assisted our client in Spain, where there were allegations of a mortgage fraud.

Helped our client in Lithuania and negotiated his return to the UK while he was subject to a warrant.

We helped our client, a school boy, who had got himself into a situation with the German Police, while on a school trip. 

Hong Kong:

Assisting our client in tracing witnesses relevant to their UK case.

UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah:

Attendance on UK nationals to assist with issues in the UK to facilitate a negotiated return.

Assisted an individual who had been accused of a minor assault, the implications of which would have been disastrous to his employment in the UAE.

Helped our client, a UK national, who has business interests in the UAE. Our client's co-director was embezzling funds more than 5 million dirhams. We were instructed to provide litigation support to our UK client.

Assisting a 3rd party investor based in the UAE concerning a claim against the UK police for seizing £120,000 in cash which was to be used in a business transaction.

Assisted a solicitor to reapply for his practising certificate while he was living in the UAE.

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